Field2Fork Box

  • Supporting local authorities and delivery partners to meet every requirement of the HAF programme
  • Provides essential health and nutritional content for HAF delivery
  • Extends the benefits and spirit of the HAF programme way past the end of the holiday activities
  • Promotes HAF values within children's families and to the wider community
  • Integrates and compliments every existing HAF delivery partner activity

Supporting Local Education Authorities & Partners In The Delivery of HAF Programmes

WCG has been teaching children to grow veg in schools for over 10 years with many of our curriculum-linked in-school activities being aimed at taking what they’ve learnt and using these skills to start growing at home and in their wider community.

In 2019 we were proud to expand our services and become a registered provider to HAF Programmes, delivering engaging educational and most of all fun activities, focusing on health, excercise, essential life skills and nutrition.

We understand that not all of our HAF delivery partners can provide some of the nutritional aspects required within the HAF guidlines so we decided to find a way to bridge the gap. Inspired by the response of children and our delivery partners to the programme we wanted to make growing more accessible, extending the reach of the programme and making it easier for partners to introduce into the HAF programme..... Our Field2Fork Box was born!

We can grow - social care
We can grow - social care

What Are Field2Fork Boxes & How Can They help You?

Created specifically with HAF in mind our Field2Fork boxes enable children to take their very own plot of land home to keep and reuse again and again. They provide an engaging, educational and most of all fun way to teach children about the importance of nutrition and equip them with the vital life skills to grow their own vegetables and feed themselves, their family and the wider community.

The Field2Fork box completely encapsulates the meaning and spirit of HAF and extends the benefits of this much need programme for months and skills gained for years to come.

Ready packed, each box contains everything you could possibly need to grow veg at home including our special fabric pot big enough for 8 litres of pre fertilised compost as well as plenty of seeds, step by step instructions and our QR Code to scan to access not only information and videos about growing the seeds in the box but also 100’s of varieties of vegetables - all straight to your phone. There’s even an easy to follow recipe video to follow to cook what’s grown.

They're designed to intergrate seamlessly with wider HAF programmes, complementing any reinforcing all physical activities and providing essential nutritional value required by the scheme. They can be built into your activity or simply gifted to the children to take home at the end of the holidays to provide the benefits of HAF for months to come. 

Who Can Order the Field2Fork Box? Is There A Minimum Order?

Our boxes are available to Local Educational Authorities and HAF delivery partners nationwide.

No order is too big or too small, we're committed to providing positive change. From small seeds big life improvements can be enjoyed.

What do they cost?

We know the challenges of delivering engaging activities to budget. Our Field2Fork boxes are competitively priced to compliment your activities at just £12 per box. Best of all they're designed to keep growing in value, long after the holidays are over providing vegetables for families as part of nutritious meals. 

We’re extremely proud of our relationships with our amazing HAF delivery partners, take a look at what they say ALAC Active Lives Active Communities, Caged Steel and Epic Doncaster, their feedback has been amazing!

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Our Field2Fork boxes are designed to make growing your own vegetables easy.

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Why councils Love Us

"We Can Grow have been a brilliant delivery partner for the Doncaster Opportunity Area’s Essential Life Skills (ELS) programme. Our mission is to create conditions in which the most disadvantaged children can access the same opportunities as their more affluent peers and We Can Grow’s delivery has supported this. They have worked with children and young people to teach them skills such as resilience and hard work coupled with knowledge about how they can lead healthier lifestyles, which will ultimately impact not just young people but their families too."

Opportunity Area Commissioning Lead at Doncaster Council

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