Welcome to the #Vegiculture revolution!

At We Can Grow, our #Vegiculture revolution seeks to make a positive difference to the lives of children, families and our older people by delivering creative programmes and activities that address childhood obesity, improve individual diets, build life skills and tackle loneliness within our communities.

The #Vegiculture revolution is quantifiable and designed to help inspire children to develop healthy lifestyles, succeed in their education, help young people restore misplaced feelings of self-worth and combat social isolation in adults.

By joining the #Vegiculture revolution, we will work with your children, your staff and your community to provide growers of all ages with a sense of pride and achievement in growing their own vegetables.


We install raised purpose-built wooden bed planters and deliver a wide range of fun, stimulating vegetable growing activities that are suitable for little growers, bigger growers and even older seasoned growers.

Our stimulating and educational #Vegiculture programme provides a wide range of growing activities that are suitable for all ages, and all levels of experience.

For the little growers at school, we help them learn to grow, and our activities give them the self-confidence and life skills to combine growing and learning science, maths and English together. All of our activities have been independently assessed and accredited for their educational content and quality of delivery. They also map across to the school educational key stage curriculum framework.


For bigger growers, our work within communities helps groups of people strengthen their own roots of personal improvement by growing vegetables in community settings. #Vegiculture brings people together from different faiths, social backgrounds and ethnic heritage.

And finally, for our seasoned growers, we help adult social care settings inspire older people to plant seeds of continued health and harvest memories from days gone by through continued access to growing opportunities and stimulating social interaction with our outdoor educators.

Our #Vegiculture programme comes with EVERY resource, including our fully trained staff. We provide everything needed for little growers, bigger growers and seasoned growers to enjoy all the personal development and wellbeing benefits of growing and eating their own organic vegetables.


Join the #Vegiculture revolution today!