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School is the best place to introduce children to the wonders of growing vegetables. Not only will they learn where the food on their plate comes from in a practical and enjoyable fashion, but we guarantee they will be hooked once the plants begin to grow, and they get the satisfaction of knowing they have been instrumental in the process. We know that children that grow vegetables will eat vegetables!!

We supply complete growing packages to schools – installing 4 huge "self watering" planters with their own canopies and irrigation systyems filled with over 2000 litres of top quality soil and compost mix. We provide all seeds and plants you could possibly need over the course of the the 12 month programme. Literally everything needed to start growing! You'll find every possible resource INCLUDED in our #Vegiculture programme such as iPads, smoothy bikes, data loggers, GoPros, Wireless Microscopes and much much more! The jewel in the crown are our very own growing modules, these are unique and engaging educational curriculum linked weekly growing activities delivered by our very own We Can Grow Warriors. These modules are accredited and every pupil will receive an accredited certificate on completion of the programme. We even provide your school with a full digital summary of curriculum/outcome links as part of We Can Grow Online suite of planning and informational tools! This is a fully hands-on way of learning, and we have excellent testimonies from a multitude of schools that we have partnered with so far and become real growing schools. If you want to know more, get in touch and we’ll tell you all we can about our education packages.

Why Kids Love Us!
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Why Schools Love Us

Lovely Messages from our schools

We Can Grow School Club

"The children have absolutely loved taking part and have learned so much. One of our children taking part has selective mute-ism but we are thrilled to say that throughout the club he has become very vocal, he has often spoken out loud to his peers as well as myself, Steve and Katie. The club has helped us to find that vital crux to work with this child going forward, something we can put into our one to one sessions to hopefully continue this positive effect within the school setting."

Miss Brough

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We Can Grow School Club

"The resources which you have provided with us are such high quality to say nothing of your expertise and the engagement levels of the pupils. It is really refreshing to see the club is the best attended at school with 26 regular pupils accessing your provisions. It is a unique concept and one which we wholeheartedly support having seen the growing and sustainable impact it has on our pupils."

Mrs S. Groarke, Head Teacher

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We Can Grow Breakfast Club

"It’s difficult to list all the knock-on benefits it’s providing to the children both academically but also indirectly through life-skills such as communication, teamwork, self-esteem, problem-solving, and the application within a proper tangible project that everyone is invested in. The best part, however, is to experience the children’s reactions, they LOVE what they are doing and can’t get enough."

Ms. K. Bratt, Teacher

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After School Club

"Steve and Katie were outstanding with the group and their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge really enthused and engaged our children. Each week the children were taught a different skill of gardening which they have taken away with them and shared with their families."

Lauran Heyes

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We Can Grow School Club

"The children absolutely adore our Club. Each week they are keen to share their ideas with Steve and Katy. They take on the responsibility for looking after the plants and have also come up with some great ideas of how we can use the vegetables we are growing. Our Ofsted inspector was so impressed with the club and the children’s enthusiasm that she mentioned it in our recent report. This type of work has helped the school to reach its “good” judgement."

Ann-Marie Mason, Principal

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We Can Grow School Club

"As Doncaster Behaviour PRU, we had to choose carefully from the scheme on offer via Opportunity Area Funding. Initially We Can Grow seemed like a little bit of a gamble – would our teenagers really grow vegetables? The answer is quite simply a resounding YES! Our partnership has been beyond what any of us ever imagined. Our learners have been engaged and they have genuinely looked forward to each week. A child getting out of their taxi at the PRU and picking a carrot or spring onion from our beautiful planters to eat as they walk into the building is an amazing sight."

Levett Pru

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Why councils Love Us

"We Can Grow have been a brilliant delivery partner for the Doncaster Opportunity Area’s Essential Life Skills (ELS) programme. Our mission is to create conditions in which the most disadvantaged children can access the same opportunities as their more affluent peers and We Can Grow’s delivery has supported this. They have worked with children and young people to teach them skills such as resilience and hard work coupled with knowledge about how they can lead healthier lifestyles, which will ultimately impact not just young people but their families too."

Opportunity Area Commissioning Lead at Doncaster Council

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