How many sessions per year do you provide?

Our standard package is 28 sessions planned according to your school's terms.

Do the children need any protective clothing or boots?

No, our Planters are at the perfect height for children to grow in without getting messy and they won’t be stomping in mud.

What other resources does our school need to provide?

Nothing, We Can Grow provide all learning and activity resources needed, helping you budget accurately from day one.

Can you link your activities to our own school's curriculum?

Yes, We Can Grow can work with your School to provide tailored links to curriculum and outcome objectives.

Does our school need a lot of space to grow?

No, all of our activities take place around the planters provided which can be placed on any surface.

Will we incur any landscaping costs?

Absolutely not! Our versatile wooden planters mean that costly landscaping projects are definitely not required.

Does our school need to provide a teacher?

All classes are planned, organised and managed by our own teaching team so your school does not have to provide any resource or teaching staff and school does not have to spend time planning or preparing lessons. However we can offer coaching to your existing teaching staff which can be part of their CPD.

Do you have other schools you have worked with to speak to?

Yes, please see our case studies and testimonials to get a flavour of some of the schools we work with. Feel free to contact them if you would like.

What is the difference between We Can Grow and Forest Schools?

There are similarities between We Can Grow and Forest school sessions in that both have huge proven benefits to children’s health and well-being, both nurture and develop problem-solving and co-operating with others.

We Can Grow are committed to changing children’s attitudes toward a healthier lifestyle by providing them with the skills to grow food for themselves. Once children have invested time into growing food, they are considerably more likely to eat the food they have grown. We Can Grow plan and focus our sessions around the curriculum and the food growing year.

Forest Schools sessions are child-led and do not link to the curriculum. We Can Grow sessions are shown to increase pupil motivation and inspiration and connect learning to real-life examples giving them skills that they will carry into adult life. We work in collaboration with school staff to support, strengthen, and enhance classroom learning and provide staff CPD so your school can go it alone.

How many children can take part?

We Can Grow standard club package accommodates up to 24 children per session as we provide 4 planters and we like to give each child their own plot of growing area to own. Should you require a bigger class just let us know and we can put a plan in place for you.

Are your teaching staff DBS checked?


Do you keep a record of activities, achievements and outcomes?

Yes, We Can Grow staff will provide a summary of every single session we take with you this will then be added to your very own journal for you to show off to Ofsted and use as proof of expenditure for Pupils.